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TIL: Disabling Fault Tolerance compliance checks on a cluster

The other day I was checking the profile compliance across my clusters and hosts. I kept seeing the “Fault tolerance is not supported on this host” on some of my clusters. In the past I’ve always ignored it, but  message  on the compliance view bothered me. So here is a quick trick to disable Fault Tolerance checking for clusters that either have older hosts or have no FT requirements.

  1. Right-click the cluster and click Edit Settings > VMware HA > Advanced Options.
  2. Enter das.includeFTcomplianceChecks in a blank field, and give it a value of false.When this setting is applied, Fault Tolerance Compliance Checks are removed from the description under the Profile Compliance Tab for the cluster and is no longer a role during a Cluster Compliance check.

Note: To re-enable the checks, remove the das.includeFTcomplianceChecks option.

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